Innovators Network

Innovators Network is a united forum of all communities including youth groups, political parties, NGOs, business organizations, governmental organizations, unions etc. It aims to educate and empower the people how to manage the social/environmental issues and disasters through local measures and combined resources. It was founded by Innovative Youth Forum (IYF) on 22nd March, 2014 at Continental Hotel, Mingora Swat in the presence of top leaders of a huge number of organizations and communities including civil societies, advocates, doctors, business persons, social workers, educationalists and government officials. Innovators Network is not processed by any specific group because it is a neutral body representing all the individuals and communities.

Currently the following groups have joined Innovators Network;

  • The Awakening
  • Pur Aman Pakistan
  • OSHD
  • Innovative Youth Forum (IYF)
  • Swat Active Youth Society (SAYS)
  • Optimistic Youth Network (OYN)
  • Anfal Properties
  • Khudi Swat Chapter
  • MSF Swat
  • Pak Marketing
  • United Friends Organization
  • Paiman Swat
  • Insaaf And Co
  • Organization For Disable People

And many more…
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