Innovative Youth Forum (IYF) organized the biggest youth awards; Innovative Youth Awards (IYA) of Pakistan in the beautiful Swat Valley at historical Wadodia Hall, where 2000 delegated from round the country participated with great zeal, pomp and show. IYA aims to acknowledge the services of those minds, who are contributing to the society in different walks of life. The event was graced by Director Youth affairs KP Mr. Arshad Hussain, MNA Ayesha Sayed, Additional Commissioner Abbottabad Ammara Khatak, Well-known cricketers Imran Khan Junior, Rameez, PCB Coach Mian Gouhar Shah, International Kung Fu Player Shafi ur Rahman, National Cyclist champions Samar Khan and Gul e Ashan, famous singers, politicians, lawyers, educationist and youth activists.

A total of seven awards were given in which the Social Artist award was given to Bilal Uddin of District Malakand, Best Young Leader to Maria Malik from Lahore, Innovative Initiative to Fahad Zeb from Islamabad, Change Making Activist to Sana Ejaz from Peshawar, Peace Entrepreneur to Haji Zahid khan from Swat, Outstanding Researcher to Dr Muhammad Ilyas from Swat, Passionate Teacher to Saleem Akhtar from Nowshehra.

The Nominees of Innovative Youth Awards | IYA2015:

  • Best Young Leader:
  1.  Kakar Hayat Hamandzai from Qila Saifullah, Balochistan
  2.  Sadaf Taimur from Islamabad
  3.  Muhammad Usman from Khushab
  4.  Maria Malik from Lahore

Maria Malik from Lahore awarded with Best Young Leader Award



  • Social Artist:
  1.  Abdul Sattar from Swat
  2.  Bilal Uddin from Malakand
  3.  Saif Ud Deen Haider from Swat

Bilal Uddin from Malakand awarded with Social Artist Award



  • Change Making Activist:
  1.  Tabbasum Adnan from Swat
  2.  Shan Elahi from Swat
  3.  Sana Ejaz from Peshawar

Sana Ejaz from Peshawar awarded with Change Making Activist Award

Sana Ejaz from Peshawar Awarded with Change Making Activist award in IYA2015

  • Innovative Initiative:
  1.  Fahad Zeb from Islamabad
  2.  Mohsin Iqbal from Peshawar
  3.  Zubair Torwali from Swat
  4.  Sana Maham from Bannu

Fahad Zeb from Islamabad awarded with Innovative Initiative Award

Fahad Zeb from Islamabad awarded with Innovative Initiative award in IYA2015


  • Outstanding Researcher:
  1.  Muhammad Jawad Noon from Islamabad
  2.  Muhammad Ilyas from Swat
  3.  Ibrar Ul Haq from Swat
  4.  Dr. Jamal Abdul Malik from Islamabad

Muhammad Ilyas from Swat awarded with Outstanding Researcher Award

Muhammad Ilyas from Swat Awarded with Outstanding Researcher award in IYA2015


  • Passionate Teacher:
  1.  Miraaj Bibi from Chitral
  2.  Shahbaz Ahmad from Islamabad
  3.  Saleem Akhtar from Nowshehra

Saleem Akhtar from Nowshehra awarded with Passionate Teacher Award

Saleem Akhtar from Nowshehra awarded with Passionate Teacher award in IYA2015

  • Peace Entrepreneur:
  1.  Neelam Chattan from Swat
  2.  Haji Zahid Khan from Swat
  3.  Syed Muhammad Jalal Haider from Orakzai Agency
  4.  Imtiaz Ali from Charsada

Haji Zahid Khan from Swat awarded with Peace Entrepreneur Award

Haji Zahid Khan from Swat awarded with Peace Entrepreneur award in IYA2015

Tributes were also given to acknowledge the services of people in different walks of life, Prof. Zahir Shah Principal of Post Graduate Jahanzeb College was given tribute for his outstanding devotion to the college and making it one of the best college of the country, Talat Qamar was given tribute for being the first female poetess of the region with four published books, Imran Khan Junior for his outstanding performance and his place in the national cricket team, Fazal Rabi for his innovative work of distributing PKR 70 among the less fortunate people through a local news website. Samar Khan and Gul e Afshan were given tribute for their courage and top ranking in the cyclist competition though they belong the marginalized district of Lower Dir. Hadiqa Bashir was given tribute as the youngest girl fighting for women rights and early child marriages.


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24 Fazal Rabi SwatNews

The event started with an awe-inspiring welcome performance of the Kung Fu players in the supervision  International Wu Shu Player Mr. Shafi Ur Rahman which was followed by some of the sensational performances. Famous singers Gul Sanga, Dil Raj, Zafar Iqrar, Shaukat Swati, Awais Khan and new voice Imran Khan increase the adrenaline level of the audience. The event was hosted by IYF President Bilawal Jamshed and IYF Members Samina Naz, Suhail ahmad and Abrar. The head of communication for the event was Muhammad Adnan , Hall Management Engr Qaiser Khan, Head of performance Murad Artist and Logistics by Asim Jan Advocate and Zeeshan Khan . The head of Marketing and IT was deal efficiently by Saif Ud Din Haider.

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Dr. Jawad Iqbal Chairman IYF, in his speech said that a total of 1422 applications were received for the seven different categories, where three and four from every categories were shortlisted by different experts in their fileds. He said that credit of the historical IYA goes to all the activist of IYF.

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Many of the celebrities send their recorded video messages for IYA2015 including Fortitude Band, Exault the Band and Heather Schmidt, international recording artist from the US, extended gratitude and good wishes in her video message to organizers and congratulated all nominees and winners of the IYA 2015.

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 The biggest youth awards were sponsored by Pepsi Cola, The Awakening, United Girls for Peace, SirGweb, Murad Advertising Company, Hunarkada, Aspiron Concept , Hotel Intercon and Technology Times. Afghan TV was the media partner for the event.

The event ends with genial smiles and hopes. Experts in their op-eds said that# IYA was in international level activity where everything from Sound to lightning was perfect.

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