Who We Are


Developing the society with creations and innovations through finding out the interests of youth and diverting them towards positive acts in order to develop their self-actualization level​.


To provide physical, financial and spiritual assistance to the youth of the world and to provide them the most easiest platform to explore their talent and coordinate their activities.


Innovative Youth Forum (IYF) is registered under Societies Act 1860.
The registration number of IYF is 7570

Foundation History

Every founder of IYF had been struggling to create an innovative and easy platform for many years. Chairman of IYF, Dr.Jawad used to write his views in the media and wrote dramas full of knowledge and leaded a society of hundreds of members. Yahya Khan was leading an educational project and was working on moral building of youth. Bilawal Jamshed had been working in business development sector and initiated different welfare projects and activities. Sheraz Khan and Yousaf Rehman worked on solidarity of youth and leaded a local society. Yaseen Akber leaded many platforms and initiated social work in the University of Swat. Adnan Bacha, Muhammad Arif, Qaiser Khan, Mazhar Khan, M. Mohsin and Naveed Ali have also some or the other background of volunteer and humanistic activities. The arrival of 14th of August, 2011 created a base for IYF as all founders of IYF wished to organize an activity for celebrating independence of Pakistan.

On 12th August 2011, in the month of Ramadan, they gathered at Khpal Kor Model School with the aim to do some special activity on 14th August 2011. All of them were already involved in some activities and societies which they wanted to get merged. Yaseen Akbar was the chief organizer of the meeting supported by Shafi ullah and Dr. Jawad Iqbal. The societies or activities which were to be merged included Pak-Afghan Youth Development Program leaded by Yahya Khan, Young Business Developers leaded by Bilawal Jamshid, United Friends Organization leaded by Shiraz Khan and Yousaf Rehman and many more. They exchanged brilliant ideas but could not organize the activity to celebrate 14th August day due to lack of resources and because of having no support of any neutral platform. However their gathering let them merge ideas and, activities and planned another meeting after few days. On 17th of August 2011 they created Innovative Youth Form as an easy platform to expose the talent of youth. The second meeting was done within the week of the first meeting; which was attended by Yaseen Akbar, Jawad Iqbal, Bilawal Jamshid, Mazhar Khan, Yahya Khan, Qaisar Khan, Adnan Bacha Anjum, Fawad Ali Yousafzai, M. Arif and Sheraz Khan. They discussed ideas and united their objectives under a new organization which was named, “Innovative Youth Forum” by Jawad Iqbal​.